Hi! We are Model Space Builders.

We provide excellent workmanship to the clients satisfaction, sustainable design, innovative and eco-friendly construction approach to all of our projects. We see to it that all requirements will be provided with unique and functional solutions without sacrificing the aesthetics of the project. We make every project unique, outstanding and a Model Space to its surroundings.

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Aesthetics & Innovation

We infuse both Science and Art in every space we design. We do not just design for form sake; we are confident that our designs have a use to our clients and we make sure that everything is correlated with each other. We design and build for both FUNCTION AND FORM.

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This is one of the advantages we offer to our clients. We make certain that there is always a fast designer-builder-client coordination. Most of all, we produce minimal construction delay and materials loss, just a few of all the advantages our clients benefit from whenever they avail of this service.

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From your space into "Model Space"

Satisfaction based, not Profit. Our priority is to give the best results to our clients. We are Innovative, intuitive and we are advocates of sustainability. We are updated to the latest trends and we construct projects that are timeless and are worthy to be called a Model Space.


We don't just build HOUSES, we build HOMES. Every project is studied carefully to meet the needs of our clients.

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We make sure our clients get the best value from their investments.We prepare analyses like SWOT, ROI, Legal preparation and other analysis that is needed in order to achieve every projects maximum potential.

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We always consider the welfare of our end users. That's why we specify materials that are ecofriendly, safe and could last a life time

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Architectural Interiors

We offer our clients timeless & trendy designs. We can make your ideas into reality

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Modern Design approach is incorporated in every concept to promote sustainable architecture and to make best use of the resources available in the market.

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